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2012/2013 Ultra Cup Results - Top 5

  1. Timothy Olson
  2. Yassine Diboun
  3. Jesse Haynes
  4. Paul Terranova
  5. Ian Sharman

  1. Denise Bourassa
  2. Meghan Arbogast
  3. Pam Smith
  4. Melanie Fryar
  5. Amy Sproston

Past Montrail Ultra Cup Champions

2012: Timothy Olson and Denise Bourassa

2011: Dave Mackey and Meghan Arbogast

2010: Glen Redpath and Meghan Arbogast

2009: Victor Ballesteros and Jenny Capel

2008: Erik Skaden and Nikki Kimball

2007: Erik Skaden and Nikki Kimball

2006: Eric Grossman and Nikki Kimball

2005: Paul DeWitt and Annette Bednosky

2004: Dave Mackey and Nikki Kimball

2003: Scott Jurek and LuAnne Park

2002: Scott Jurek and Jenny Capel

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